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About Goldstar Trust Company

As a self directed IRA custodian, Goldstar Trust facilitates non-traditional transactions, which enable IRA investors to reach their financial goals.


John JohnsonSenior Vice President – Business Development 

Dave SchnierleSenior Vice President – Business Development

Matt PeakesVice President – Business Development 

Assets Under Custody 

$2.3 billion 

Company Size 



Number of Clients 


Products and Services 

Goldstar Trust offers a wide variety of Self Directed IRA related products and general trust services. Here is a partial list. 

Self Directed IRA – Goldstar Trust performs all the standard duties of a Self Directed IRA Trust company including account opening, custodying assets, and executing investment requests. 

International Bank Accounts – Goldstar allows Self Directed investors to utilize international bank accounts as a retirement asset. Income producing products include CDs, bonds, mutual funds, and securities. Products that are not permitted include investments done on margin, futures, and options.  

Auto Rollover IRA – Goldstar offers companies complimentary services for handling retirement accounts of past employees. This involves tracking down the employee, performing all necessary reporting, and holding the funds. Companies often opt in to such a service to get rid of the administrative burden associated with old employee accounts. 

Crowdfunding – Goldstar Trust offers Self Directed investors the opportunity to invest in crowdfunding projects within a retirement plan. AdditionallyGoldstar offers a crowdfunding escrow service. This provides a legal holding place for donor funds until the funding goal is met. 

Church Bonds – Church Bonds work like standard bonds, but with the dedicated aim of building or renovating an existing church.  Goldstar functions as the trustee, registrar, and paying agent for these bonds. 

Investment Options 

Most Self Directed IRA Trust Companies provide a standard list of assets that an investor may not purchase. (These include collectibles and life insurance settlements.) In contrast, Goldstar Trust offers  a list of approved assetsThese include: 

  • Precious Metals 
  • Perth Mint Certificates 
  • Swiss Annuities 
  • Approved International bank Accounts 
  • Crowdfunding Investments 
  • Real Estate 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Hedge Funds 
  • Publicly Traded Securities in U.S.Exchanges 
  • Privately Offered Stock 
  • Brokerage Accounts 
  • REITs (public and non-traded) 
  • Structured Cash Flows 
  • Secured Promissory Notes 
  • Church Bonds 
  • Charter School Bonds 
  • Church Loan and Extension Fund Investments 
  • Fixed-Rate Investments 
  • Bank Certificates of Deposit 
  • Money Market Funds 
  • Secondary Market Annuities 
  • Limited Liability Comp 



Goldstar Trust charges a variety of standard and asset based fees.  Here is a partial list of the most common. 

Account Establishment (One-time fee) 

Standard Account – $25 

Real Estate – $50 

Precious Metals – $50 

Annual Maintenance 

Standard – $65 

Real Estate – $200 (for assets ranging from $0-$200k) $300 (for assets worth more than $200k) 

Precious Metals – $75 – $275 

International Bank Accounts – $75 – $275 

Church Bonds – $45 

Annual Holding Fee 

Hedge Fund – $50 

Precious Metals (depository storage) – From $100 and up 

International Bank Account – $200 


Transaction Fees 

Real Estate (purchase/sale) – $100 

Precious Metals (buy/sell) – $0 

International Bank Account (purchase/liquidation) – $75 


Service Fees 

Wire – $25 

Overnight – $25 

Research Assistance – $50/hour 

Full Termination – $100 

Recharacterization – $40 

Late Fee – $25 

Phone: 800-486-6888 

Fax: 806-655-2490 


Hours: Monday – Thursday 7 am – 5 pm CST, Friday 7 am – 4 pm CST 

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